EclipseFP The Haskell plug-in for Eclipse

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EclipseFP is done of three main components:

The code is hosted in GitHub:

but the mailing list is hosted in the old site in SourceForge.

Building from source

As usual, this assumes that you have GHC, cabal-install, and Git. This should work on all platforms.

  1. Get Eclipse, the distribution named Eclipse Classic. Extraction equals installation.
  2. You need to install the BIRT Charting Engine to be able to build EclipseFP. The update site is for Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo). For Eclipse 4.2, install the BIRT Engine OSGi Runtime SDK Feature from
  3. Get the BuildWrapper source: git clone git://
  4. Build and install BuildWrapper, (it will install both the library as well as the exectuable program):
    cd BuildWrapper
    cabal install
  5. Get the EclipseFP source: git clone git://
  6. Import all Eclipse projects from these repositories into Eclipse.
  7. Build all projects or set your workspace to automatically build all projects for you
  8. Hit Run > Run Configurations. Add a new launch Eclipse Application launch configuration. The default settings for this launch configuration should work, so just click Run.
  9. In the new Eclipse window that (hopefully) pops up, check the location of the BuildWrapper executable via Window > Preferences > Haskell > Helper Executables. You may want to use the location of a locally built version of BuildWrapper if you've made changes to it.
  10. If something doesn't work, turn on tracing. In the Run Configurations dialog, on the Tracing tab, you can enable tracing options for various plug-ins. These will output to the Console at the bottom of the host Eclipse window. Also in preferences turn on debug mode for BuildWrapper, that will show you the output from BuildWrapper.