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If you are already proficient in installing Eclipse plug-ins, all you need to know is that the Java Development Tools are required and the EclipseFP update site is located in and then follow the extra configuration steps. If you don't know what "update site" means, don't worry, just follow the steps right below this text. The current version of EclipseFP is 2.6.4. EclipseFP requires Eclipse 3.7 or above.

Getting Eclipse up and running

If it's the first time that you use Eclipse or install plug-ins, follow this set of instructions:

Extra configuration steps


If you have GHC installed and in your path (for example, by installing the Haskell Platform or the corresponding package in your Linux distribution), the first time you start EclipseFP you will be prompted to install BuildWrapper and Scion-browser. Just click install to have them downloaded from Hackage and installed.

After that, other message will appear, telling you that EclipseFP is Rebuilding the package database. That operation will be done every time you start EclipseFP. This rebuilding gathers information about changes in your set of installed packages and downloads the corresponding documentation from the internet (or if no internet is present, tries to build it locally). Of course, the first time this is done a lot of information must be downloaded and processed, so it will take some time.

When no message telling about jobs is on your screen, you can start playing with your new shiny EclipseFP :) If for some reason you get an error, check the FAQ or ask in the mailing list.

For some of the features to be available you need to install several additional Haskell programs. The instructions below give you the cabal command to run, but you can also install helper executables from inside EclipseFP (Preferences -> Haskell -> Helper Executables or via the Cabal Packages View). To be more concrete:

Extra Eclipse plug-ins

For some features, you need to install extra Eclipse plug-ins. EclipseFP can run without them, and will warn you if they are needed. Those plug-ins are: